Debbie T.

Lakewood Family YMCA

A former middle school teacher with an art history background, Debbie began volunteering in the Y's Art-Full Apprentice program. Students came together from their separate disciplines to work on a common community service project that would reflect what they had learned during their apprenticeships in addition to giving back to the community.

"I was struck by the extent of their learning in their particular apprenticeships," said Debbie. "Clearly the program worked in that these kids could demonstrate their newly acquired skills and knowledge easily."

The program provided a chance for some of the students to have a leadership role during the last few weeks of the program in a way that they might not have had in a regular classroom setting. The small group size plus the excellent training which they had received while working with the artists who trained them provided them with a level of knowledge and confidence that some of them might not have experienced before. 

"I appreciated being able to work with these wonderful kids," said Debbie.