David S.

Lakewood Family YMCA

While on Christmas vacation with his family, David's mother pointed to his midsection and said, "Do something about that!" David had heard it before. His wife had been telling him for years that they needed to lose weight. He had been to the Y before, taken a couple of classes, and worked out on the resistance machines, but never with any regularity. Every time, he would fall off the wagon.

"After trying Boot Camp I would do some laps on the track, randomly used a few resistance machines, called it a work-out, but did not see results and got discouraged," David says. 

But when his doctor told him that he needed to start exercising, something clicked. David went back to the Y. This time, he made a FitPath appointment. He committed to working out on the elliptical machine every day for 30 minutes, and he went on a diet. Before his FitPath appointment, he weighed in at 205 pounds. Twelve weeks later, he weighed 179 pounds, just one pound over his target weight. 
"I felt great and everyone noticed how much better and younger I looked," David says. Four weeks after starting the program, he went back to the doctor for another physical exam. "All my numbers had come down to normal ranges. Cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugar, all elevated before I started, all normal now!"