David J.

Tacoma Center YMCA

Growing up, David Jenkins Sr.’s life was surrounded by gang violence and crime. When he was 16, he got invited to attend Teen Late Nite. Being surrounded by so many positive role-models, David said the Y was “one of the safer places in Tacoma” at that time.

Fast forward nearly 30 years, David is an active volunteer and supporter of the Y’s Teen Late Nite program because of the positive impact it had on his life, and now he wants his son DJ to have that same experience.

“I just like how good the Y is at bringing different communities together, especially with the violent times we are experiencing,” said DJ. A recent high school graduate, DJ plans to make a career out of basketball.

“I am proud of my son,” said David. “The impact the Y has made on me and my son is the reason I continue to give back.”

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