Darnel H.

University Y Student Center

For local Tacoma vocal artist Darnel Hill, also known as Bruce Leroy, exercising at the Y is the secret to a great performance, boosting energy levels for hyping up the crowd on stage, improving his mood, and lowering anxiety for those nerve-wracking performances.

“I have been coming [to the University Y] almost 7 days a week for two years," Darnel said.

The Y plays a major role in not only Darnel’s life, but his mindset. “It’s definitely the first thing I do in the morning. I wake up and come straight to the gym. I believe that starting the day going 100% for myself dictates the rest of my day.”

To get the most out of his workout, Darnel tries to use every floor of the University Y Student Center. “I enjoy utilizing the whole facility. I try to get 30 minutes of boxing, weights, and core cardio in every day.”

Darnel appreciates “having that semi-private space available. [At] other gyms I was working out at before, I didn’t have the space I needed to be able to finish my circuits.”

While he enjoys having private spaces in the facility, Danel also values the sense of community at the Y. “I really appreciate the staff as well. They do a good job keeping the facility clean and it’s nice to be greeted by people who take the time to learn your name. I also can't think of a time on my way out some didn't say bye to me before I touched the door handle. Those subtleties can make a difference in a person’s day.”

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