Daniel M.

Morgan Family YMCA

Daniel Mason is a community member who has been volunteering for three years as a youth sports coach at the Morgan Family YMCA. Daniel originally volunteered as a coach, to be a positive role model in his son's life. Daniel has had a close connection with sports through his mother who earned a reputation for her athleticism in her neighborhood. Being the only girl willing to play sports with the boys, Daniel’s mother earned the nickname Danny, the same name that she later gave to her son.

In his mind, sports are just the vessel that allowed him to be a positive role model for the kids he coaches. The real joy for Daniel has been watching his son grow through the successes, failures, and new friendships that come with playing sports. Witnessing the continued growth of each child, from the first practice to the last, puts a smile on his face and keeps him coming back for more.

The one thing Daniel wants parents and community members to understand, is that you do not have to be a sports expert to get involved as a coach. “As long as you open your heart and try your best to be a positive role model, you can make a positive impact on the lives of these kids.”

The YMCA’s value-based sports leagues put the core values of honesty, respect, caring, and responsibility at the forefront of every program. Although games are still competitive and players are still incentivized to play their best to win, human growth through the body, mind, and spirit is at the heart of the YMCA.

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