Dana S.

Tacoma Center YMCA

For 47-year-old Dana, how he feels about his road to recovery and healthy living can be summed up in his favorite quote by Joyce Meyer, "I may not be where I need to be, but thank God I am not where I used to be." 
Dana grew up in an environment where crime and chaos were the norm. Because his mother was an addict, he grew up in various foster homes. Dana remembers dropping out of school in the tenth grade because of his home life.
"My life became surrounded by drugs and alcohol. I made it, used it, and sold it. It became my identity for a false sense of friendships," Dana said. "I had tons of money but never felt emptier inside than when I was using...There are so many times I should have died, and didn't."
Then Dana found faith, dedicated his life to Christ, and quit using altogether. The YMCA has been a constant source of positivity for Dana and showcases the Christian principles he tries to embody throughout his daily life.
"The Y is the best place I could get physically, emotionally, and spiritually fit," Dana said. To date, Dana has celebrated six years clean and prioritizes staying away from other people that use.
"I feel so blessed to be alive," said Dana. "The Y spiritually and physically heals your body. I love this place and am so grateful to have the Y in my life."