Dana and Kyle

Lakewood Family YMCA

For teens that attend YMCA Teen Late Nite, a small percentage have job experiences that develop their potential for future educational attainment and financial stability. So the Y started to work on a plan to bridge the gap and bring employment readiness opportunities to at-risk youth.

Kyle and Dana were eager to apply for the first-ever scholarship to participate in a Lifeguard Certification course. Lifeguard training develops a candidate’s leadership, decision-making, and communication, in addition to life-saving CPR, First Aid and water rescue skills.

“I have made many bad choices early on in life,” said Kyle. “The Y has empowered me to mentor other youth through my new job in the pool.”

Learning lifeguard skills also gave Kyle and Dana a sense of purpose. “No matter whatever situation, us being there raises the chance of someone surviving,” said Kyle.