Daisy and Lisbeth

Gordon Family YMCA

Sisters Daisy and Lisbeth were always afraid of the water. With a mother who also had a fear of the water, their chances of learning to be comfortable seemed slim when they first came to the Y. Daisy and Lisbeth take part in a program called 21st Century Grant in Sumner, which provides services for children from disadvantaged families.

“The first two weeks, the girls didn’t want to go into the water at all,” said Chad, director of the 21st Century Grant program. After one month of swim lessons, the sisters went all the way into the water on their own. It has been a long journey, but a successful one.

“Without the community, the grant does not exist. And without these partnerships that allow our kids to learn and thrive we wouldn’t be able to do this for our kids,” said Chad. “Hopefully, this partnership will continue and we will keep seeing kids like Lisbeth and Daisy grow and gain more confidence in themselves and in life. They deserve a chance, and the Y gives it to them.”