Crystal H.

Tacoma Center YMCA

Individual anxieties come in different shapes and forms. For Crystal, she has been “terrified of pools or large bodies of water” for quite some time.

“I was intimidated of even water deeper than a bathtub.”

Earlier this year, she learned about a Life University course called Floating Beyond Fear offered at the YMCA designed to address fear of the water for adults combining group discussion and pool time. In a small group setting, Crystal and her facilitator, Carol Ann, discussed how our bodies naturally interact with water while discovering tools for remaining calm, and learning floating skills.

“The Y and Floating Beyond Fear have made a positive impact on my life,” claims Crystal. And not just for reasons based on her own fears, but her dreams of taking the next step in her faith and getting baptized.

“I knew I would be getting baptized in the Tsoo-Yas River in Neah Bay in a few weeks. My instructor supported me and was patient with me as I struggled to overcome my anxiety and fear (of the water).”

Crystal says before her baptism and after diligent prayer, she felt more comfortable in the water than ever before.

“I felt equally comfortable in the River during my baptism. I would have been terrified if I hadn’t continued to the end (of class) and moving forward, I have a greater respect for water thanks to Floating Beyond Fear.”

When asked about one of the most important takeaways from her experience, Crystal says “understanding that water is my friend, and that through faith, I can be stronger.”

Crystal participated in Floating Beyond Fear in the Spring of 2016 at the Tacoma Center YMCA. She recently became employed at the Welcome Center at the Y and is looking forward to brighter days ahead, sharing her story with members as they begin their journey towards health and wellness.

While her anxiety is still a constant struggle, she says “I now have a respect for the water, instead of a fear.” Congratulations on your new beginnings Crystal, getting baptized, and working on overcoming your fear of the water!