Haselwood Family YMCA

Courtney has been a camper at the Haselwood Family YMCA since its first summer. She returns each year with a smile on her face at the fun she knows awaits her.

“I enjoy how (the counselors) change up the activities,” Courtney says. “It’s not always the same games that you guys play (each year).”

Courtney is a participant in the Haselwood YMCA’s new Tween Camp this summer, which gives youth who are transitioning into middle school ages a sense of freedom and responsibility while at camp. While younger campers have a more structured day, tween campers are able to tailor their daily experience to the activities in which they are most interested.

“It’s cool to kind of do what we want,” Courtney says. “I like that I can kind of choose to do something instead of just be told.”

As an annual returning camper, Courtney says the fun atmosphere of camp and the relationships she builds make the summer an exciting time. 

“I think I keep coming back to camp because of all of the cool counselors,” she says. “And because of all my friends that come from the years before.”