Constance C.

Morgan Family YMCA

When Constance Childs first stepped into the Morgan Family YMCA as a SilverSneakers member in 2015, she immediately fell in love with the community. While she was enjoying getting to know everyone, she still wasn’t accomplishing her main goal – losing weight.

Through her trainers and doctors, she started to see the writing on the wall about her high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and abnormal fasting blood sugar. She began talking to Health and Well-Being coaches about ways to improve her eating style and how to exercise better.

“I used to stress eat whole cakes from 6pm to 10am while watching TV,” Constance said. “Now I go to the YMCA to stress exercise instead!”

Constance has begun eating more vegetables and fruit, as well as cut 95 percent of saturated fats and processed foods, fast food, and sugar out of her diet. Thanks to all of this, she has now lost 54 pounds and her cholesterol, blood pressure, and fasting glucose have all improved dramatically.

“On the wall of the weight room are three wonderful sheets I have had copied with the help of the trainers,” Constance said. “Spiritually, Physically and Mentally healthy people lists. I feel all three areas have improved for me.”