Clarence A.

Mel Korum Family YMCA

It is easy, especially as we get older, to stick to routines that are comfortable and familiar. However, after years of coming to the Y, Clarence knew it was time to stretch himself and look for new areas to be challenged.

“I may have trouble getting up the stairs, but I love being here! Because I have been coming for so many years, [the Y] has become more familiar than church. I am bound to see someone I know! It is also the perfect place to stretch myself and get out of my comfort zone.”

In an effort to meet new friends and try something new, Clarence decided to try the Journey to Freedom small group.

“Whenever I shared with the group I was always thinking, ‘What if I sound stupid?' but that was what made the class so rewarding, it was good to be stretched.”

Clarence’s willingness to try something new not only led to new friendships, but also inspired him to sign up to facilitate a JTF class himself.

“What I learned is to keep going. Don’t be stagnant and don’t give up. Keep stretching yourself and be open to something new.”