Cindy D.

Tacoma Center YMCA

Every time I walk in the door of the Y, I remember back one year ago.

In April 2017 I was hit by a car while riding my bicycle. During the hospital stay, I was diagnosed with lung cancer. When I finally went home from rehab, I was in a wheelchair.

Last May and June, my daughter brought me to the Y to shower in your new disabled bathrooms. That experience was amazing as I had no other way to shower! Since then, I have started walking and working out at the Y to regain my strength!

Today, I go to Dee’s water aerobics class (she’s great by the way) and use the weight machines. I have completed chemotherapy and radiation and am currently receiving immunotherapy. The cancer continues to recede. I am feeling great and strong again. The Y has given me a focus on physical fitness and helped me stay healthy physically and emotionally.

I celebrated my seventieth birthday last month. The Y has been an important piece of my life ever since I joined and it has played a huge role in my recovery. THANK YOU to the great staff and facility.

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