Christina M.

Lakewood Family YMCA

For two parents working full-time, finding a place with programs for kids that fit their hectic schedule and encouraged youth development was important. Christina and her husband started coming to the Y when their daughter, Kendra, was just 13 months old. Christina was pregnant with their second child at the time. Kendra learned to walk on the gymnastics floor and their son, Kyle, loves soccer. Both kids are enrolled in swim lessons.

“What I like most is that the staff are patient with the kids,” Christina said.

Both children had a difficult time transitioning from parent-child lessons to being in the water without their mother. Kyle and Kendra were terrified of their new instructors and sometimes refused to get in the pool with a male instructor, but they have appreciated the staff’s willingness to be patient and help the kids succeed.

Kendra’s gymnastics coach helps her work on her listening. Kyle went from clinging to his mother when it was time for sports skills coach to constantly talking about how his coach is his friend.

 “The Y is a part of our life. More than anything, my husband and I enjoy seeing them grow and thrive and become more confident from being here. I don’t expect that we’ll be going anywhere else.”