Christina C.

Gordon Family YMCA

Never underestimate the power of a strong support system. That’s what Christina Corekin feels she has gained from being a member of the Gordon Family YMCA for the last three years. At a time when she might have lost hope after being diagnosed with Myeloma blood cancer, she’s found the courage and strength to keep fighting and believing in herself.

Chris participates in all kinds of classes that the Y has to offer, but she especially loves Zumba. It's her absolute favorite.

"It’s so much fun and the vibe and the ladies in my class are wonderful," she says. Of course, there are days when things are harder and she is physically weak. But it drives her to keep pushing and make the next class. Just coming to the Y, Chris feels as that her day is already better. Day by day, it helps. Her routine enables her to feel physically and emotionally better.

One of the most important things that Chris has gained since becoming a member of the Y has been new friends. When she started, she didn’t know anyone and the Y just a place where her doctors recommended she go to get active and to take control of her health. Her friends, as well as instructors, are aware of her condition and their love and support has truly made a difference. Whenever she has doctor visits or is not physically able to come to class, they send her with cards and activities to keep her motivated through those tough times.

Her group exercise classes provide a friendly and welcoming environment where Chris has felt comfortable meeting new people and making friends. Chris can’t imagine where she would be without the Y.

"The Y just does so much more than exercise. It’s a place to belong, to be with family and improve yourself." Those reasons keep her getting up in the morning and pushing herself to be her best.

Chris believes that adversity can help us find more about ourselves and who we are meant to be in our lives. She is fighting a constant battle against cancer, but knowing that she has support at the Y means that she has a fighting chance. That’s all that she can ask for.

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