Christian I.

YMCA Camp Seymour

I think for me, before working at camp, I thought I was going to come in, you know, play some games with these kids, and then go home at the end of the day. Turned out, that’s not what it is. You really are a counselor to these kids. Kids can ask some very serious questions at times and you’re a mentor for them. It’s so awesome to get to have that impact in these kids’ lives and knowing that when they come to camp, camp is going to change their lives forever.

Life was difficult at times. You know, my family didn’t always have what we needed. It was great for us to have the Y, because the Y really provided a lot for us; it provided a safe place for me and my brother to go and just be safe and have people around who cared about us. Coming from a low-income family, not always having everything that we needed, I know that if I hadn’t had people in my life, especially people at the Y, invest in my life, I know I wouldn’t be where I’m at today. Being able to see kids come to camp who are in the same situation that I was in at their age, being able to have an impact on their lives the same way someone had an impact on my life – that’s an incredible thing to be able to experience.

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