Chelsea H.

University Y Student Center

Many members know Chelsea's friendly face and welcoming demeanor as they are greeted at the Y, but most don't know that she has lived in almost every country in Central America and even studied abroad in Lima, Peru while attending the University of Maine. 
"I've always traveled a lot since I was little," said Chelsea. "I've gotten to experience many different cultures and met a lot of amazing people and I think those experiences are what have helped make me into a more caring, tolerant and open-minded person."
Upon returning home to Maine from studying abroad, Chelsea found herself yearning for her next adventure. After packing up all of her belongings she drove across the entire country by herself before finally settling in Tacoma, Washington. Once in Tacoma she soon found a home working at the University Y Student Center. 
"When I moved I knew I wanted to work for an organization that tries to make a difference in the community and I definitely got that working here at the Y," said Chelsea. "I truly identify with their mission and I hope to use my experience here to one day help others in my own way by teaching English in Thailand as well as getting my master's degree in social work."