Carol G.

Bremerton Family YMCA

Carol had been caring for her father, a longtime sufferer of diabetes and other health issues, when she decided that it was time for a change. Her own diabetes was getting worse and she knew that if she didn’t do something soon, she would end up in the same boat as her father.

“It was already bad. I was overweight with diabetes out of control. I couldn’t walk or go to the mall with my son, " said Carol. "My back and knees hurt all the time. I had no energy.”

Carol's journey officially started on her fifty-fifth birthday. She felt uncomfortable putting on a swimsuit and getting into the pool, but she was determined to begin in the water. Carol started with shallow water aerobics, coming five days a week. Before long, she felt like she needed to increase the intensity of her cardio, so she started on the bike, and was soon peddling seven miles before her water aerobics classes.

Then she met Jane, who invited her to participate in a Women on Weights class. Though the first week was tough, Carol found that she loved lifting weights and was delighted by amazing results that she could see and feel by building her muscle mass.

“Participating at the Y has been life-changing. I have so much energy, and I sleep better and have gone off all of my meds. They will soon be removing my diabetes diagnosis," said Carol. "I started slow and have stayed motivated by watching other member’s results and by learning new things. At my sons urging, I have learned to play racquetball and have made so many new friends!"

Carol says the Y is her home away from home. "It's where I come to escape the stress of life," said Carol. "It’s my hide a way!"