Carla T.

Haselwood Family YMCA

For many, a trip to the bank involves merely an exchange of money, or a cash transaction. No one expects such a routine occasion to turn into a life-altering event. But for Carla, one conversation with a friend at the bank would lead to a transformation that she asserts has forever changed her life.

"I was truly sick and tired of being sick and tired," Carla says.

Like a growing number of Americans, Carla was dangerously overweight. Her friend recommended she join the Y. She instantly found a new love for water aerobics, which she believes has helped her progress tremendously because of the low-impact workout. That combined with a Paleo diet has helped her to lose more than 125 pounds in less than a year.

"I just want to be healthy," she said. Lifted daily by inspiring texts from her fiancé, and the desire the prove to her family that there truly is a way to bring about change in her life, Carla vows to lose another 100 pounds before she is truly satisfied. She says she's excited the Y will be with her every step of the way!