Caleb B.

University Y Student Center

Caleb started his Y experience when he was a child. "It's where I learned how to swim, and where we had PE for a private school I attended," said Caleb.

The Y impacted Caleb's life so much that he stayed connected as an adult, and is now a staff member. "I've worked out at countless gyms, and I've worked at a few as well, and none have exceeded the Y in regards to reinvesting into its community," said Caleb. "I work here part-time, not for the money, but as a way of returning the service to the Y and our community."

Caleb strives to give back to his community and embodies the value of social responsibility. He is currently raising awareness about the importance of socks and shoes for the homeless. Socks are the least donated, but most needed item for homeless shelters. When he first learned this, Caleb was both shocked and moved to act. He decided to create the #sockraiser253 campaign, to collect new socks for local family shelters.

"The Y has impacted my life and I will continue to do my part in helping the mission continue." said Caleb.