Brian S.

Tacoma Center YMCA

After joining the YMCA a year ago, Brian immediately discovered the multi-layer benefits of his membership on his spirit, mind, and body. Upon the recommendation of a friend, Brian initially decided to join the Y to try some yoga classes and do some weight training to fix his posture.

“I was tired of feeling lazy and being in pain,” said Brian. However, following his appointment with his Fitpath coach he began to track his progress and learned about all the amenities the Y offers. He especially enjoys the Fitpath coaching, aquatics, and group exercise classes. While Brian now feels more self-motivated and confident, more importantly he believes the YMCA helped him undergo positive life changes.

“I chose the YMCA because it has a sense of equality and is just different than other gyms,” said Brian. “I now look forward to making connections with those working hard to better themselves in this environment as much as I look forward to my own workouts.”

Throughout his time as a member Brian has learned that he is capable of even more than what he was told by doctors and has noticed “strengthened neural pathways and a changed brain chemistry for the better.”