Brent H.

Morgan Family YMCA

Brent Hu is a Palamino Rabbit. His favorite group all summer-long was the Sugar Gliders where he met one of his favorite Counselors, Kali. One of his highlights from summer was when his cousin Coco, from China, joined him at camp. They enjoyed swimming and playing 'boat' on the small playground slide.

While she was here, Brent and Coco loved teaching counselors some Chinese. Brent loved pretty much every aspect of camp. He loved going to art and making necklaces and puffer fish, but the two activities that stood out to him the most were gymnastics and archery.

"I love gymnastics because I don't need to take my socks off," he said. "I like doing archery because I can shoot a bow and arrows." 

Brent is very friendly. He made a point to say hello to all the counselors and campers as they walked on by. He never failed to put a smile on everyone's face.