Tom Taylor Family YMCA


When my wife and I first started dating, just over five years ago, we would meet at the Y in the mornings. She introduced me to boot camp and spin class. Before long I was a regular at Brian’s 6 AM spin classes.

A few months later, when Brian started talking about Chilly Hilly training rides in January and said that newcomers were welcome I thought, “Alright, I’ll give it a shot.” I showed up on my mountain bike and loved the group ride, but knew I needed a road bike. That mountain bike was slow and heavy compared to everyone else’s road bikes. Before long I bought a road bike off of Craigslist and then I was really hooked.

Fast forward to today and my wife and I are celebrating our three-year wedding anniversary this month. I have logged thousands of miles biking, both in spin class and on the road. Some of the rides I’ve done that I am proudest of are: STP in one day, RAMROD (both last year) and High Pass Challenge (this year) where I got gold!

Right now I am training for a half-ironman in June and the Y is a perfect place for that. I can swim, bike, and run all in one convenient spot. The Y has played a huge part in the training for all the events I’ve participated in and it’s a great place to get motivated and be around like-minded people that are striving to live healthy lives.

One of the funniest things about the Y is when you recognize somebody out in public that you mostly only know from working out with them and they say something like, “Oh, you look different in your clothes.” Which is usually followed by a blush and a, “I mean, I’m used to seeing you in your workout clothes.” Or something like that. I’ve done it, too.

So, I hope to see you at the Y. My wife and I are there every Monday, Thursday, and Friday at 5AM for spin and sometimes on other days too. And if I see you out in public, I’ll try to not embarrass us both and maybe just say, “Hi!”