Tacoma Center YMCA

In  2013, Belinda found herself at a crossroads. She  weighed 345 pounds. She was unhappy, and she was unhealthy. Change was the obvious solution, but it was an overwhelming one. Instead of despairing over the distance to the finish line, Belinda decided to focus on figuring our where to start. So she scheduled her gastric bypass surgery, and she started a membership at the Y.

Uncertain where to begin, Belinda accepted the Membership staff's advice and signed up for a FitPath appointment and hoped for the best. She was paired with Amanda, the Health and Well-being Director, who helped her design a routine she could manage while seeing visible results. She began with a basic routine on a treadmill and has since added Precor machines, the rower, and even water aerobics into the mix. She cites welcoming environment and the compassionate staff support as a major factor in her success, "I really appreciate the staff taking the time to get to know me," she says.

Almost one year into her YMCA journey, Belinda has lost an impressive 165 pounds, which has not only improved her health but also given her the energy to re-engage in hobbies she'd abandoned: cross stitching and painting miniature Christmas village homes. Now a familiar face at the Y, Belinda reports on, what for her, is a key indicator of her success: "The big thing question is, 'Do you like what you see in the mirror?' And I do now!"