Athrettis "Thrett" B.

Tacoma Center YMCA

Key player on the Teen Late Nite staff team, Athrettis "Thrett" Brown, uses his disadvantaged upbringing to mentor his nephews and local teens. Growing up in a fatherless household, Thrett did as many teens do and turned to the streets. Beginning to see history repeat itself in the lives of his four nephews, he moved them from Texas to Tacoma to take them under his wing. Passionate for the community, Thrett and his nephews founded Young Business Men (YBM) with a mission to educate financial stability, create priority in the community, stress the importance of education, and teach strength and well-being. They attend the Teen Late Nite program, providing them an opportunity to better understand the struggles of the Hilltop and Eastside community teens. Today, all four nephews have a business plan for their futures and appreciate what their uncle and the Y has done for their future.