Asher F.

Tom Taylor Family YMCA

When parents enroll their children in the Y's Youth Basketball League, they hope the experience will help their kids discover new skills and passion. What Asher Flerx discovered was a little different. Rather than helping to draw Asher out of himself, the program uncovered some significant sensory difficulties which impaired his ability to progress.The noise of the basketball caused him so much stress, he simply shut down and retreated to a fetal position on the floor.

Asher went on to try other sports, but nothing seem to fit until he began attending the Y's Adaptive Swim program. Initially, he was afraid to put his face in the water and was fearful in the water.. Within three short weeks, though, Asher was putting his face in the water and blowing bubbles.

Thanks to patient staff, volunteers, and a quiet time period for his lessons, Asher was a quick study. He can now swim short distances on his own and even swims in the main pool. He plays water games of going under water to pick up dive rings and races with his instructors and his mom. Asher is expected to graduate soon to group lessons!

Asher would like to thank Patty, Eileen, Marcia, Merrick, Linda, and Mr. Slim for helping him along his journey and ultimately finding a place to belong and grow.