Arwa D.

University Y Student Center

Arwa is a junior at the University of Washington Tacoma. She is majoring in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics and minoring in Human Rights and Religious Studies. She seems your typical college student, right?

Arwa doesn’t just attend UW Tacoma, she embodies it. She is deeply connected on campus, serving as the Student Activities Board (SAB) spirit and traditions coordinator and president of the Somali Student Association while also being an active member of the Race and Equity Initiative Steering Committee, the Vice Chancellor Search Committee, the Black Student Union, and the Muslim Student Association.

As the SAB spirit and traditions coordinator, she planned and executed the Lights Out event in partnership with the Y. Lights Out is an annual UWT glow-in-the-dark event that includes a dance, sports, climbing wall activities, and video games.

“It was finals week and I had to write a 29-page paper and plan Lights Out," Arwa said. With so much on her plate, she relied on a great support system that included UW Tacoma Student Engagement and Y staff. “If it wasn’t for the constant help of John Fowler, Zvon, Brittany Nauman, and Jeremy I wouldn’t have made it through.”

Lights Out was a huge success and 355 people attended the event.

“It was amazing! There were people everywhere!”

In addition to having an amazing support system, she works out to relieve stress. “I like to workout at night. I live on campus so I can walk right over. I really like to run on the track when I’m stressed out. I run on the track at least once a day, 4 days a week."

When she isn't busy with classes and student organizations, Arwa is planning to run for the ASUWT presidency, and wants to make the campus more inclusive for students of all walks of life. “I do hope to work with the Y and make it more accessible”.

Arwa’s post-college plans are nothing short of amazing. “After graduation, I want to take a year off for Fulbright to teach English, take the LSAT, and go to law school”. She is truly a real-life Wonder Woman!