University Y Student Center

At age 6, most kids are riding bikes, or playing sports. Ariel, on the other hand, is scaling the 24 foot high climbing wall at the University Y Student Center!

Although some may think she is in the early stages of her climbing career, but she begs to differ.

"Feels like I've been climbing for 8 years!" Ariel announced.

Believe it or not, Ariel used to be afraid of heights! Now you can find her peering out at Tacoma through the windows.

"It’s fun climbing, looking out the windows from the top... I really like the hard routes [climbs] because the more I do it the more I get stronger... I feel really happy up on the high rock... Lots of nice coaches! I feel happier now that I'm not scared of heights."

With the year coming to a close, Ariel set up some high goals for herself for next year.

"Climbing better and climbing outside because I really want to climb mountains!"

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