Lakewood Family YMCA

After nearly drowning in the ocean at age 13, Annie thought her fun was limited to land sports because of her fear of water. Annie started at the YMCA in cardiovascular rehab and began to wonder what fun in the water was like.

Annie nervously sat in the hot tub. With the help of staff, Annie received the one-on-one attention and learned the importance of water safety skills. In two weeks Annie began to set goals to learn the backstroke or swim one length of the pool. Month three came and she found the courage and strength to submerge herself into the pool for extended periods of time.

It wasn't long that her goals changed from swimming a single length of the pool to learning what a flip-turn to persuading the Lakewood Family YMCA to start an adult swim team. Annie now swims on a regular basis with her favorite lifeguards cheering her on without fear of the water and hopes that one day the Lakewood Family YMCA will allow dolphins to swim with her in the pool.