Gordon Family YMCA

Expectant with her third child, this is not Amy’s first time at the rodeo. 

"I’ve been through all of this before,” she says, holding her water bottle in one hand her pregnant belly in the other. Amy is at her weekly circuit class today and will be giving birth tomorrow.

“She’s in better shape than me!” says her circuit instructor.

Amy’s amazing fitness level has left both her teachers and fellow circuit students in awe, but it hasn’t happened overnight.

“At first, I honestly didn’t know if I’d be able to do it, but the benefits have been amazing,” she says. “Because I’ve been doing circuit throughout the whole pregnancy, I have felt so much more physically fit and able to move well throughout the entire nine months.”

Amy’s Y story began well before Gordon opened its doors. Her husband is a cycling instructor with the Y, and Amy was already cycling through her first two pregnancies at Mel Korum before the Gordon Y opened just down the street from her house.

“For my first two pregnancies, I was cycling, which was only working my legs. I worked all the way until my due date. But for this pregnancy, I’m ten pounds lighter and my whole body feels good,” she shared, attributing the new benefits of circuit class with a workout that improves all-around fitness.

“There’s so many different exercises in this class as opposed to doing one stationary thing. I have the normal aches and pains any normal nine-month pregnant woman would, but they are so much more minimal because I’m doing a real full-body workout,” she says.

Little sister will soon be joining two brothers in Child Watch once Amy is ready to get back to her circuit class.

“I’ll work my way back into my circuit class.” When asked if she’ll be a lifer in the class, she replied simple: “Oh yeah, for sure!”