Morgan Family YMCA

I’m a part-time dance instructor at the Morgan Family YMCA where I teach classes for teens and adults in ballet and also pre-pointe. There’s so many things that make [my job] meaningful. My favorite part of it is when student who’s been working and working finally gets something – finally does something! We had a lot of younger students come into one of the classes that I teach. The youngest one felt, I think, quite intimidated. She sometimes could do a clean double, but I could see that she had a natural sense of turning, but she needed to work on staying upright. As we were working on that, I called out to her and said, ‘Okay, next time do a triple.” And she looked at me like I was insane and almost stopped dancing, but kept going. She just went for it and she did a beautiful triple turn, stopped, and she was so surprised! I believe in them and I see what their potential is, but for them to find that potential in themselves is such a cool moment.

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