Alana K.

Tacoma Center YMCA

When Alana first came to the Tacoma Center YMCA, it was to take advantage of her hour-long lunch break. What better way to stay energized throughout her long workday than coming in for a quick sweat? Quickly, a new habit formed and she became a regular at the noon hour.

Now 11 months later, Alana has lost 35 pounds and was surprised at how friendly and approachable members and staff were to her. “Everyone at Tacoma Center (YMCA) is nice,” said Alana. “At first, I thought gyms were super intimidating and cold, but then I realized the Y was so much different than just a ‘gym.’ I found a community of lifelong friends.”

To date, Alana has proudly completed her first Tough Mudder obstacle race with two co-workers, Kristen and Lashonda. They finished the 10 and a half mile race with sore muscles and happy hearts. “My time at the Y really prepared me this event,” said Alana. “It all led up to that moment.”

Alana is eager to continue competing, but says in the future she will do one about half the distance.