Addy W.

Gordon Family YMCA

Addy had an awakening when she realized she couldn’t let her old friends and bad influences ruin her life. Growing up in a difficult home with few adult role models, her mother pulled her out of high school and moved her to Sumner.

“Everyone went to the Sumner Y, so I was interested in seeing what it was all about,” Addy said. She felt an instant connection with the Y staff. “Everyone was inviting, everyone was accepting, and I felt that was what I needed." Addy began attending Teen Late Nite on Friday nights and as she built relationships, the connection to her community deepened.

Addy soon applied for a job at the Y and admits that when she found out the good news about getting hired, she cried tears of joy.

“The YMCA is an uplifting place. The staff accepted me for the person I am. When I first came here, I was still fragile and broken. They helped put me back together and taught me to be responsible for not only the kids I work with, but also for myself,” Addy said.

Today, Addy works in youth development and loves mentoring kids, some of whom remind her of herself at their age. “I know what it feels like to want to connect and crave a positive role model,” she said. “The Y helped me recognize that I am a good person and that I can do that for others."