Bob T.

Tom Taylor Family YMCA

Bob was geared up for the adventure of a lifetime. To celebrate his daughter’s birthday, they were going skydiving. His best friend came along to join them. Bob was excited to share the experience with them, but his hopes were dashed when they arrived at the skydiving facility.

“Unfortunately, I was too heavy to jump at 350-plus pounds,” Bob says.

He was grounded, while his daughter and friend took off in the plane for a once-in-a-lifetime thrill ride. While waiting for them to return with stories of their dive, he decided to get serious about his health.

He set an ambitious goal – to lose enough weight to skydive with his daughter the following summer. To help him get there, he started to monitor his eating habits and began a water exercise regimen at the Tom Taylor Family YMCA.

By staying committed to reaching his goal, Bob lost an astonishing 115 pounds and was finally able to realize his dream, not just of soaring high above the clouds, but doing it with the most important people in his life.

“I went skydiving for the first time…it was great!” Bob says. “The best part about it – besides jumping out of the plane at 13,000 feet – was doing it with my beautiful daughter, Yuka, and best friend, Winslow.”