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YMCA Child Care offers families school-based, enrichment camp experiences to help your child explore personal interests, build self-esteem, develop interpersonal skills, discover the outdoors, and make lasting friendships and memories. We provide day camps during the following school breaks: 

  • Summer Day Camp
  • Winter Break Camp
  • Mid-Winter Break Camp
  • Spring Break Camp



  • Extra snacks
  • Filled water bottle
  • Swimsuit and towel on swim days
  • Plastic bag for wet items
  • Closed-toe shoes (please leave flip flops and sandals at home)
  • Small backpack (to hold belongings)
  • Sunscreen
  • Please label all belongings with child’s name

PERSONAL BELONGINGS: Please only allow your child to bring items that are necessary for
day camp. Money, toys, sports equipment, gum, and makeup are not permitted.

SNACKS: Please only send peanut-free snacks with your child and discuss with them the
importance of not sharing snacks because other children may have food allergies. Snacks should not require refrigeration or microwaving.

SUNSCREEN: Please apply sunscreen to your child every day before camp begins. If additional applications are necessary, send sunscreen with your child to reapply later in the day.
Remember to label the lotion with your child’s full name.

DRESS CODE: Dress your child in athletic apparel that allows them to fully participate in camp
activities and games. Leave sandals, flip-flops, and clothes that you don’t want dirty at home.



SIGNING CAMPERS IN AND OUT: Photo ID is required. Parents or guardians are responsible for checking campers in and out by signing the roster. Be sure to indicate the time of pick-up and drop off. Additional adults must be on the authorized list and also have their photo ID. Campers will not leave camp with an unauthorized adult.

CAMPER RELEASE: A release form is required for all campers. Please complete and sign as a parent or guardian. Include at least three people authorized to pick your child up.

  • Separated parents: If the parents are separated but not legally divorced, the staff have may not deny access to a child by either parent. Appropriate court issued documents are required in order for staff to deny parental access.
  • Divorced parents: Either parent may pick up the child unless a court order indicates limited or no visitation. Custody agreements must be kept on file with the YMCA.
  • Guardianship: Copies of appropriate legal documents must be on file with the YMCA.

CHANGE OF CAMPER INFORMATION: Changes to authorized adults or their contact
information must be made in-person and in writing. Please see a camp director to update.

LATE PICK-UP FEES: There is a $1 per minute charge after camp closes. Late fees must be
paid or added to draft before the camper returns to camp. If a camper is not picked up and the Y has not been notified by parent or authorized adults within one hour of camp closure, the Y will call the local child protective services and sheriff’s department.


FEES: In order to accurately staff each week of camp, we require the balance of all camp fees be paid the Tuesday (Wednesday for school-based locations) before each week of camp begins. To reserve multiple weeks of camp, see your camp registrar to arrange to have fees drafted on a weekly basis. Fees are drafted the Tuesday (Wednesday for school-based locations) before the week of camp your child attends.

REFUNDS: Please make cancellations before the close of business on the Tuesday (Monday for school-based locations) before the week of camp. A $25 cancellation fee will apply. Cancellations made after the Tuesday (Monday for school-based locations) prior will not be granted a refund.

In the case of homesickness, dismissal, or voluntary withdrawal there is no refund of fees. If a child misses camp because of illness or injury, a physician-authorized written medical verification is required to be considered for a refund after the Monday one week prior to the start of camp, minus the $25 cancellation fee.

THIRD PARTY AUTHORIZATIONS: Must be paid in full before registering for camp.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Financial Assistance, fee subsidy for qualifying military families, DSHS, and other third party provider assistance is available. The military provides fee assistance to DoD Civilians and Active Duty families. 


STAFF: Our staff are trained in working with children, day camp operations, CPR, and first aid. All YMCA staff and volunteers are mandated child abuse reporters and are required to report any suspected child abuse to the proper authorities.

Camp staff are great with children, however they are not permitted to babysit, transport in personal vehicles, or have contact with campers outside of the YMCA.

RATIOS: Camps adhere to the following staff to camper ratios:

  • Ages 5-6 - 1 staff : 8 camper
  • Ages 7-9 - 1 staff : 10 campers
  • Ages 10-12 - 1 staff : 12 campers
  • School-based locations: 1 staff : 15 campers for all age groups

GROUP ASSIGNMENTS: Day camp is divided into groups based on grade and age; grouping campers who are within one year of age and one grade level in school. Staff are trained in team-building and in helping campers learn to make new friends within their group.

SWIMMING: Not all camps offer swimming. Check your weekly camp calendar to see what days your camper may be swimming. Swimsuit and towel are required to participate. Campers will participate in a swim test each week to participate in recreational swim time. If a camper forgets their swimsuit or does not want to participate, there will be supervised alternative activities on the pool deck.

BEHAVIOR: Campers who are unable to abide by camp rules or are disrupting other campers’ ability to enjoy camp may be dismissed without refund. The following behavior will result in immediate removal from the day camp program:

  • Theft
  • Verbal abuse or bullying
  • Physical aggression, verbal threats of harm
  • Disruptive, defiant, or blatant disrespect for staff or participants
  • Inappropriate touching
  • Leaving designated camp area without authorized adult
  • Parents who disrespect children, other parents, or staff


ILLNESS: Please do not bring sick children to camp. In the event of exposure to a communicable condition, parents will be notified as quickly as possible. Make sure we have current contact information on file. We will contact you to pick up your camper immediately if:

  • Camper is feeling ill for 30 minutes or longer
  • Camper has a fever of 100.1 degrees or higher
  • Camper is vomiting, has diarrhea, persistent cough, watery or inflamed eyes, acute skin rash, or sore throat

Children absent because of contagious disease may return with a statement from a physician indicating the child is no longer contagious. Children absent because of lice may return when there is no sign of lice.

In the case of an injury, staff will make every effort to ensure proper care. Care may include treatment by staff for minor injuries, contacting a parent or guardian, or calling local emergency care providers. Staff will attempt to contact the parent or guardian prior to providing treatment.

SUPERVISION: YMCA day camp is not staffed to provide one-on-one supervision. Talk with our camp directors about solutions if additional care is required by your camper.

MEDICATION: All medication must be brought to a camp director in its original container labeled with the camper’s name, date, directions, and physician’s name. A medical authorization form is also required; the only exception is inhalers. If your camper requires an EpiPen®, please see a camp director at the start of the camp session. If medication needs to go home with the camper at the end of each day, the parent must pick it up from the camp director. Unused medications will be returned at the end of the camp session.

INSURANCE: The parent or guardian is responsible for any medical expenses for an injury incurred at camp.

EMERGENCIES: YMCA staff are prepared and trained to activate emergency procedures in the event of severe weather, fire, building evacuation, or other immediate safety measures. Each YMCA branch has a specific disaster plan and a YMCA Emergency Management Guide.


Times vary by location:
  • Bremerton and Central Kitsap | Hours 6am-6pm
  • Lakewood, Spanaway, Puyallup, and Purdy | Hours 6:30am-6:30pm
  • Tacoma | Hours 7am-6:30pm 

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