About Before and After School Programs

YMCA before and after school programs foster each child's cognitive, social-emotional, and physical development through opportunities and experiences which focus on achievement, relationships, and belonging.

The planning of each activity is offered in a physically and emotionally safe environment consistent with evidence-based principles of youth development: each child is encouraged to develop at his or her own unique rate by encouraging skill development and frequent leadership opportunities.

Families are seen as partners in their child's development and are provided opportunities to strengthen the family unit and give the family and the YMCA the opportunity to work, play, learn, and thrive together.

Finally, the YMCA collaborates with other organizations that are committed to serving the needs of all children and families. It's through these collaborations and a strong youth development focus and assessment that the Y delivers consistent quality programs.

Leaders in Youth Development

YMCA Child Care provides high quality, licensed and certified care in Pierce and Kitsap Counties. Our program leads the way in youth development with:

  • Research based approaches to social-emotional support

  • Intentional homework assistance
  • Cultivation of transferable leadership skills
  • 60 minutes of physical activity
  • Healthy snack options in partner with the USDA
  • Structured monthly curriculum

See below for sample schedules and activities.                                       

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