Adult Swim Lessons

Adult Private Swim Lessons

Private and semi-private swimming lessons are available for an additional fee. 

Adult Swim Lessons

Formal swim instruction for beginner and intermediate swimmers with a focus on water adjustment, body positioning, breathing, stroke development, skill improvement, and endurance. 

Floating Beyond Fear (Life University)

If you often miss out on water-based activities because of fear, discomfort or avoidance, Floating Beyond Fear provides a safe and supportive environment to address your fear of water. 

Floating Beyond Fear is a small group class led by facilitators who respect your process, personal story, and boundaries. It combines pool time with group discussions on how your body naturally interacts with water, tools for remaining calm, and floating skills. With the support and encouragement of those who understand your fear, you will work towards becoming confident around water.


This class in included with membership; community members $60
Class Information: 
April 15-June 3
Saturdays, 2-3:30pm
For information or to register for any of the groups below visit the Welcome Center or contact Stacy Blaisdell at (253) 534-7868Find out more about other Life University classes.

​Masters Swim

Masters Swim: For swimmers interested in meeting other swim enthusiasts including lap swimmers, tri-athletes, and competitive swimmers. A coach is on deck ready to assist participants in improving and learning new strokes. Contact Linda Cota at 253-534-7859.

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