Teen Leadership

Kids Night Out Teen Leaders

Kids Night Out Teen Leaders: Teens work with children and peers earning them credit that can be applied toward Teen Leadership Development program fees and special events.

Youth Leadership Development Program

Youth Leadership Development Program: Teens learn valuable skills while working with kids and participating in service learning projects at camp and in their communities. Teens may earn credit to help them pay for YMCA programs. 

Pacific Region Conference

Pacific Region Conference: An annual retreat for teens that seek to create a community based on honesty, respect, responsibility, and trust. It enables teens to set and meet personal goals and build self-esteem. 

Youth and Government

Youth and Government: Over the course of a school year, this non-partisan program provides middle and high school students the opportunity to become civically engaged through experience running a model state legislature.

Youth Leadership Development Conference

Youth Leadership Development Conference: Participants have the opportunity to meet new friends and participate in small group activities and discussions while learning new perspectives about themselves and the world around them.

Youth Leadership Development Club

Youth Leadership Development Club: Youth Leadership Development Club is a weekly leadership club that provides teens the resources to develop their leadership skills in an open and fun environment that inspires learning, discovery, and personal growth. 

Counselors in Training

Within this program, teens learn leadership, group management skills, child development basics, and policies and procedures in relationship to working with youth.  Interacting with campers and representing the Y requires a certain level of maturity.  For this reason, the fieldwork program is selective.  Upon completion of the full two weeks of the CIT Training Course, teens will be invited to participate in the fieldwork program.  CITs will be required to follow the camp staff dress code:  solid, non-denim pants or shorts; unaltered Y CIT t-shirt, tennis shoes.  Female CITS will be required to wear a one-piece bathing suit when applicable.  Dress code and behavior expectations will be detailed during the training course.  The program is designed so CITs enroll in at least one session of fieldwork upon completion of the training course. 

No camp on July 4th. 



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