Visual Art Programs

Arts class


Painting: Participants will learn how to mix paints and handle brushes. They will develop skills in observation, color theory and the basics elements of art. In classes exercises and homework. Supplies included.


Preschool Art

Preschool Art: Creativity is explored as parents and preschoolers engage in hands-on projects using varying art mediums. 



Beginning students learn basic drawing techniques and create pencil drawings from photographs and live scenery. Intermediate students learn concepts of color and composition as they tackle more challenging projects.

Mixed Media

In this class students will creatively combine two or more different artistic media. Some of the materials that will be used include a variety of paints, papers, collage, found objects, pencils, and pastels. We will experiment with and combine these materials to create one of a kind books, journals, handmade cards, and original works of art! 


In this fun and creative course students will learn 3 dimensional sculpting techniques. Students will explore clay, paper-mâché, paper, wood and other materials. A final exhibition will be presented.



Arts Director - Ben Meersman 253-534-7898 

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