Dancing In Lakewood School Hallway

Learn Why Teen Fridays Hit Different



Every Friday from September 2 to October 7 from 3-6pm, teens from 13-18 are invited to come to Teen Fridays
at the Morgan Family Y and Haselwood Family Y centers for FREE.



It’s true, Fridays at the Y hit different. Enter a space to meet others and focus on your well-being.

Gain an All-Access Pass to Enjoy Your Favorite Activities*

*Some age restrictions may apply.





ID Required (School ID or Driver's license)

*A waiver signed by a legal guardian is required. Visit the Morgan or Haselwood Y today and register for Teen Fridays!



Help Us Offer the Right Programming For You


We are excited to welcome teens like you to the Y! Please complete our quick survey so we understand where you want to spend your time and activities that interest you.