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Adaptive Activities

Although Tacoma Center YMCA operates throughout the week as an adult-only faciltiy for our guests 15 years of age and older, we open our doors and programming to youth with the accompaniment of an adult on the weekends.

Our Aquatics Center is standard-scale natatorium dedicated to healthy living, water safety, and fostering a strong sense of the community.

Our facility hosts five adult lap lanes, 20 meters long, ranging in depth from 4 feet deep to 6 feet. The temperature is set at a consistent 83 degrees, making it the perfect venue for lap, recreation, and swim lesson programming.

The Tacoma Center YMCA also hosts a large hot tub soaking depth and is kept wamly at 103 degrees and a newly remodeled co-ed steam room on the pool deck. An on-deck shower was installed to encourage guests who enter to rinse off before entering.

What sets our Aquatics Center apart is our department commitment to serve the community through innovative programs which strive to serve participants in spirit, mind, and body.

Aquatic Center Hours:

Monday-Friday 4:45am-9pm, Saturday: 7am-7:30pm, Sundays: 9am-5:30pm


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Private Swim Lessons

Private lessons are a great opportunity for beginning swimmers who want a one on one
session or for individuals who are looking to develop certain swim skills.  Ages 3-Adult.


Private Swim Lessons

  • $20 for one 30-minute lesson 
  • $50 for three 30-minute lessons 
  • $80 for five 30-minute lessons 

Semi-Private Lessons (for 2 swimmers) 

  • $30 for one 30-minute lesson ($15 per swimmer) 
  • $80 for three 30-minute lessons 
  • $130 for five 30-minute lessons 

Bundled price packages are available. 

If you have questions or would like to set up a lesson, please contact the Tacoma Center Branch.

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