Personal Training

Our certified personal trainers will use their knowledge of current research concepts, principles of sound exercise, and state-of-the-art equipment to design and implement a program tailored just for you. Contact Deb Delong at 253-906-9945 for more information, or purchase a package.

Personal Trainer Rates

  • 1 session: $65 per session
  • 6 sessions: $360 ($60 per session)
  • 12 sessions: $672 ($56 per session)
  • $40 per person for groups
  • Elite trainers - call for pricing

Meet Our Personal Trainers

TCY Personal Training

Jaime Humenay


While I’ve been athletic for a good portion of my life, I’m well acquainted with the struggle of weight loss. I know every excuse in the book – because I made them.  I tried nearly every diet program on the market, and battled with body image.  Through those experiences, I realized that every body is different. There is no one-size-fits-all recipe for success. Long lasting success comes from creating a fun, active, maintainable lifestyle that yields results – whether the goal is fat loss, improved mobility, increased athletic performance or all of the above.  It has to leave you wanting more. 

Let me help you achieve a maintainable level of fitness that will enable you move confidently into each day, no matter what life throws at you.  With a special focus on whole body movements, Olympic and Power Lifting techniques, and Interval Cross Training, overall fitness and strength can grow by leaps and bounds.  Whether your goals include improving flexibility, losing body fat, increasing overall athleticism, event specific training, or anything in between, I want to design and coach a program that will get you there. Put me on your team and let’s discover what you’re capable of. 


  • CFL1 Trainer
  • USA Olympic Weight Lifting Coach
  • Competitive Olympic Weight Lifter 
  • Power Lifting Coach
  • Regional Strongman Silver and Gold Medalist
  • Indoor Soccer Team Captain
  • RunDisney Veteran and Triathlete

Karen Donahue


The better you move, the better you feel. My love for fitness, living a healthy lifestyle and enthusiasm enables me to tailor your program to meet your personal fitness goals. Together, we will make each workout fun, challenging and personalized to meet you needs. 

Where ever you find yourself on the fitness spectrum, I believe that if you have a body, you are an athlete. I enjoy taking the time with each client to build a strong base of functional movement. I have been a part of the Tacoma community and a member of the YMCA for over 25 years. I have always had a personal commitment to my own fitness. This passion led me to pursue my interest in personal training at the National Personal Training Institute in Seattle. I recently received a diploma from this institute, a state-certified program and am currently working toward my National Academy of Sports Medicine Certification.

Kyle Colley


At a young age I was overweight, unhealthy, and unhappy with my body. At a certain point in my life I decided I was tired of being uncomfortable with myself and I needed to make a change. Through hard work and dedication I was able to achieve a level of fitness I had always dreamed of, and it has positively affected my life in more ways than I could have imagined. Through this process I have gained a deep passion for fitness, and helping others with their own transformations. I take pride in helping people amaze themselves at what they can achieve. Though it may sound impossible, the right mind set and a push in the right direction is sometimes all you need. That’s what I’m here to do, let me set you on the correct path to success. 

Whether it’s Football, marathon running, or golf, I have played almost every sport at a competitive level. I played baseball at a collegiate level while obtaining my degree in nutrition and becoming a certified EMT. All these different tools have given me a deep understanding of the human body, and how it reacts to exercise differently for each person. Whether you want to lose weight or build muscle, to increasing athletic performance or helping at-risk clients, I have the knowledge and tools to tailor an individualized workout plan that is fun, challenging, and most importantly, effective. 


  • ACE Certified trainer
  • Certified EMT
  • Associates degree in Nutrition

Lisa Hunt


Consistency in a fitness program is critical for success. It is not uncommon to start and stop a fitness routine many times, or to begin a new diet program only to find yourself back in the same, if not worse, unhealthy state as before. Being successful does not mean that you will never fail, being successful is failing and getting back on course more quickly than you did before.

As your trainer I will help you define and implement your goals, identify your strengths, brainstorm new strategies, and help you reach your full potential. My goal is, not only to inspire and motivate you, but also to have you experience the exhilaration of true health. Once you experience this, you will never want go back to your old lifestyle.

Choosing to adopt a healthier lifestyle is the first step, but you do not have to take it alone. I can help you find the motivation and persistence you will need in your wellness journey and guide you as you reach your potential. Let’s start today together - a healthier future can be yours - it’s right around the corner!


  • Personal Training Instructor (YMCA)
  • Personal Fitness Program Director (YMCA)
  • Fitness Specialist (YMCA)
  • Personal Trainer (AFAA)
  • Advanced Resistance Training (YMCA)
  • Principles of Health and Fitness (YMCA)
  • Cardio and Step Aerobics Instructor (YMCA)
  • Healthy Lifestyle Principles (YMCA)
  • Group Cycling Instructor Trainer (YMCA)
  • Get Real Weight Management (YMCA)
  • Healthy Back Instructor (YMCA)
  • Group Exercise Instructor (YMCA)
  • Working with Active Older Adults (YMCA) 

Tracy Horne


My passion for fitness is fueled by helping others like myself to obtain and maintain a healthier and happier lifestyle. I will design a variety of fitness formats guaranteed to provide the results you desire. The holistic approach to fitness is to exercise our minds first with positive affirmations, once this is achieved than we are able to change how we perceive our body image. I look forward to meeting you and to be your accountability partner during the good and bad days.


  • National Exercise Training Association in Group Fitness
  • AFAA Personal Fitness Trainer
  • YUSA Foundation of Strength and Conditioning
  • YUSA Group Exercise
  • TRX Group Suspension Training
  • HIIT

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