Cardio Strength

Boot Camp

Boot Camp

Boot Camp: Join in boot camp style circuits in this fast-paced class that focuses on agility, strength, and cardio segments. This class may be offered outside, weather permitting.


Cardio/Strength: Get a total body workout that focuses on tightening and toning the body with intervals of cardio and strength using hand weights, body bars, resistance bands, steps, and resistance balls.

EFIT - Small Group Exercise

EFIT: Body weight and resistance equipment are used to accomplish purposeful training for the whole body. Participants learn to move their bodies optimally through a full range of motions using interval exercises. 

FIT (Functional Intensity Training)

FIT (Functional Intensity Training): Learn to move the body optimally through a full range of motions through interval exercises. Body weight and resistance equipment are implemented.

Kettle Bell

Kettle Bell: Get a core-focused workout in this strength class utilizing kettle bell equipment.

Muscle Toning

Muscle Toning: Condition the total body through strength and endurance exercises using resistance equipment such as hand weights, body bars, resistance bands, steps, and resistance balls.

Precor Strength Circuit

Precor Strength Circuit: Learn the basics of Precor weight machines in thisinstructor-led class that and participate in optional strength and endurance exercises.


R.I.P.P.E.D.: Maintain fitness in this high-intensity program that utilizes free weights, resistance, and body weight and combines each of its components in ways that are fun, safe, and effective.

TRX® (Total body Resistance Exercise)

TRX® (Total body Resistance Exercise): Safely perform hundreds of exercises that build strength, flexibility, balance, and mobility, and prevent injuries through leveraged body weight exercises that integrate functional strength training regimens

Women on Weights - Small Group Exercise

Women on Weights: Experience a variety of workouts using different weight room equipment. Learn about proper weight room form and technique and stay motivated by pre and post program strength tests.

Zumba® Toning

Zumba® Toning: Sculpt the body using targeted exercises and high-energy cardio Zumba moves in this strength training fitness class.


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