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BeHive Massage is located inside the Tacoma Center YMCA specializing in Sports, Deep Tissue (Trigger Point and Myofascial Release), Swedish, and Prenatal Massage. All massages are tailored specifically for your unique needs and requests. For general massage questions, please contact BeHive Massage directly at 253-720-0851 for additional information.

Please be advised, all guests who are not active YMCA members will need to fill out a building waiver and provide a copy of their photo identification at the Welcome Center prior to entry. 

Massage Therapy Rates:

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Heidi Johnson, LMT, Owner | Massage License #:MA00015431

Heidi - P

Learning how to BE in your own body is what massage is all about. I am passionate about healthy lifestyles that incorporate massage in your health care, training, and recovery. I have been practicing for more than 17 years and part of the Tacoma Center YMCA family. I graduated from Ashmead College in Seattle and quickly ventured on my own, establishing my business, BeHive Massage at the YMCA.

I specialize in working with athletes of all levels, and can tailor your massage to exaclty what your body needs. My experience has led me to working at the 2016 Olympic Trials for Track and Field and it was incredible! I look forward to working with you in our newely remodeled space within the Tacoma Center YMCA. 


Chrissanda Walker, LMT | Massage License #:MA60089133

Chrissanda - P

Hi! I am Chrissanda, an intuitive, caring massage therapist. My practice is rooted in healing and restoring the muscles of the body and is influenced by my passion to help others. As a massage therapist, I can help people become more aware of their aches and pains to provide relief. My assage style is based on kinesiology, where my knowledgeof how you use your body can help identify problems. The solutions I can provide are through trigger point therapy, sports massage, manual ligament therapy, and deep tissue massage. I can also help provide muscle relief and relaxation for prenatal massage. Because of my style of work, my pressure is firm to strong. I listen to my client's complaints and customize each massage to fit the indivdiual treatment plan. Thank you for checking out my biography and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. 

Daniel Wilson, LMT | Massage License #:MA60691504

Dan - P

My name is Dan and I am a recent graduate of Alexander School of Natural Therapeutics. I became interested in massage therapy while I was recovering from a back injury. I was hobbling around on a cane half of the time and doctors were pushing drugs and surgery. Massage and chiropractic sorted me out and was the passion I found in natural health care. 

I am a Reiki practioner and bring this energy to all of my body work. A balanced, healthy lifestyle that includes body work as part of one's self care leads to an overall happier, more productive life. 

My interests include hiking, running, kayaking, reading and relaxing with my family. 

Denise Ristine, LMT | Massage License #:MA60311860

Denise - P

My name is Denise and I graduated from Everest College in 2012. I found myself interested in massage when I injured my shoulder and the doctors started pushing me to have surgery. My massage therapist at the time and I worked together and prevented that through a combination of physical therapy and massage. I want to bring htat same kind of care and commitment to my clients. I believe every massage should be specific to every person and every person has their specific needs. I love working with such a variety of people and what works for them. 

In my spare time, I am home with my family, my husband and our two dogs. I like to go hiking, backpacking, jogging and campign. I also enjoy reading and do cross-stitch. 

Katie Karnavas, LMT | Massage License #:MA60524185

Katie - P

I studied massage therapy at Cortiva Institude and graduated in October of 2014. For two year, I have been honoring my skills, working with a variety of conditions: motor vehicle accidents, postural dysfunctions, and people seeking overall wellness. I incorporate a vairety of massage techniques including: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Myofascial Release and accupressure. My passion for helping bodies get back into balance is essential to starting a new path working with YMCA members and new clients, building healthy connections. In my free time, I enjoy the outdoors and attending my yoga practice. 

Laura Lee Phipps, LMT | Massage License #:MA60717877

Laura Lee - P

My name is Laura Lee and I graduated from Alexandar School of Natural Therapeutics in Tacoma in 2016. There, I was able to learn a variety of massage while always maintaining a focus on full body healing in a holistic manner. 

My style is a blend of calming Swedish massage technique with depper and more intense Trigger Point Therapy with Myofascial Release Technique sprinkled in throughout the session. I truly believe this approach optimizes results of pain management and relaxation. This is my main goal every single session. 

I have extended my studies after graduating from Alexandar School of Natural Therapeutics to include Thai Massage and Manual Lymphatic Drainage. I plan to continue learning as many techniques as possible so I can best treat  and relax all types of people from all walks of life. 

The power of touch is such an amazing thing and is a gift I plan on sharing for a long time to come! 

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