2015 Membership Rates



Adult (30 years and older) $57
Adult Couple $85.50
Additional Adults on a Household Membership $28.50 each
Active Duty Military
Young Adult (15-29 years) $42
Young Adult Couple (both 15-29 years) $70.50
Youth (0-14 years without an adult) $37
Youth (0-14 years on a household membership) $18.50 each
Maximum Charge per Household per Month $130



1st Adult (19 years and older) $100
2nd Adult (19 years and older) $50
18 and under No Fee

*Joining fees apply if you have not been a Y member in the last 90 days.

A Household is defined as two adults living in a household with their dependents, if any. The number of adults is limited to two, unless other adults in the household qualify as dependents and are claimed on either of the primary adults' tax return. Dependents include full-time college students, elderly parents or disabled adult children. Verification of household status may be required and can include driver's license, rental agreement, or a bill with a shared address.

Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance is provided to individuals, kids, and families on a need basis and allows access to all programs, activities, and facilities at the YMCA. If we can serve you or your family in this way, please fill out the Financial Assistance Application or pick one up at any of our facilities.