Sports Mix

Adult Intramural Sport Leagues Registration Required

Adults play in organized recreational competition. Structured leagues, tournaments, and special events are offered in a variety of sports activities.

Adult Open Gym Drop-in Class

Drop-in to the gym for adult sports like basketball, pickleball, and volleyball.

American Gladiators Registration Required

Youth will participate in gladiatorial activities designed to develop strength and endurance. This will include obstacle courses and weekly challenges in order to become an ultimate gladiator!

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Floor Hockey Registration Required

Learn how to play floor hockey by mastering the rules and concepts of the game while participating in healthy competition with peers. Equipment is provided.
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Ninja Skills Registration Required

Youth will develop the skills needed to be a true ninja, including kicking and punching, swordplay, dodging and stealth, catching and more.
Program offered at:

Recess Games Registration Required

A class based on outdoor recess games such as dodgeball and Red Rover. Participants will learn classic and current recess games while learning how to appropriately interact with others.
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Track and Field Registration Required

Learn sprints, starts, jumps, hurdles, and throwing in a fun, energetic class that enhances many skills that are utilized in Track and Field.
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Wheelchair Sports Registration Required

Wheelchair Sports offers traditional sports adapted to participants' unique needs. Children also enjoy getting out of their chairs to enjoy activities like being spun on the giant rainbow parachute, or being pulled around on the four-wheeled scooter.
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Youth Sports Mix Registration Required

Experience a variety of traditional sports and playground style games through warm ups, skills, drills, and scrimmages.