Teen Leadership

Teen Leadership programs at the Y surround young people with mentors, role models, and values to help them grow into the caring, honest, respectful, and responsible community leaders of the future.

Brotherhood Drop-in Class

Brotherhood offers a small group setting for male teens in a supportive, relaxed environment.

Counselor in Training Registration Required

During this two-week summer camp, participants learn the skills necessary to be an effective summer camp counselor. Councelors in Training may be offered volunteer positions for the remaining weeks of summer.

Kids Night Out Teen Leaders Other

Teens work with children and peers earning them credit that can be applied toward Teen Leadership Development program fees and special events.

Grades 8-12

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Youth and Government

Kitsap Mock Trial Team Registration Required

High school students are introduced to the legal system through a connection with local attorney coaches. Students learn to argue fictional cases in real-world courthouse settings.
Program offered at:

Pacific Region Conference Other

An annual retreat for teens that seek to create a community based on honesty, respect, responsibility, and trust. It enables teens to set and meet personal goals and build self-esteem. Topics can range from identifying values, building communication skills, to relationships and making choices. Many former participants and advisors have called PRC a life-changing event.

Each year's conference theme will be developed through small and large family group activities, themed events and other special touches throughout the weekend, and will focus on identifying and striving toward our goals for the future.

Grades 9-12

Program offered at:
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Kids Night Out Teen Leaders

Safe Sitters Babysitting Training Registration Required

Covers skills required for a safe babysitter; supervision and play with children of various ages, basic child care, basic first aid, safety precautions, accident prevention, and critical emergency action skills.

Sisterhood Drop-in Class

Sisterhood offers a small group setting for female teens in a supportive, relaxed environment.

Summer of Service Other

Summer of Service is an annual teen service trip to the Sioux YMCA. Located in Dupree, South Dakota, this is the only YMCA located on a reservation. Come join other young teen leaders from our YMCA and participate in this once in a lifetime, unique and impactful cultural experience.

Grades 10-12

Program offered at:
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Youth and Government

Summer Teen Volunteer Program Registration Required

2019 Summer Teen Volunteer Program

Make an impact in your community by working with kids ages 3-12 in the Summer Day Camp Program. Meet and work with like-minded teens from other schools; learn from college-age counselors; gain community service hours for school and/or college applications; gain invaluable skills working with kids and learn how to be successful in a workplace.  We would love you to join STVP and have a fantastic summer experience.  Training and preparation will be provided to be prepared for the summer.

Sign Up packets and training dates will be available at branches Friday, March 15, 2019.

  • Ages: 13-18
  • Dates: June 17 through August 30 (dates vary by branch)
    • Monday through Friday
    • 8:30am-4pm or 8:30am-12pm


  • Provide opportunities for teens develop work skills.
  • Increase program opportunities for teens.
  • Introduce teens to potential YMCA career opportunities.
  • Completion of a minimum of 40 to 80 hours of volunteer work per teen.
  • Teens obtain a positive experience with campers, peers, and counselors.

Ages 13 and 14: Assigned to Itty Bitty groups (ages 3 and 4) and/or Camp 56 groups (ages 5 and 6).

Ages 15 and 16: Assigned to age groups 9 or 10 and under.

Ages 17 and 18: Assigned to all age groups.Deadline to sign up: 

Friday, May 31, 2019: Pick up the Summer Teen Volunteer Program Packet at the branch Welcome Center or from the branch Day Camp Director, complete the Volunteer Application, provide three references with emails will be needed for the application to be finalized. 


Complete Volunteer Application. Sign or fill out the required documents with parent signature where needed, including application, waiver, job description, Code of Conduct, and Commitment Date Form (sessions in which to work).

Commit to two weeks of volunteering during the summer. The two weeks do not have to be consecutive. Teens may volunteer for more than two weeks of day camp; however, staff will have the ability to direct the volunteer to take a week off if exhaustion is a factor for the teen. Weeks need to be identified prior to the start of the summer. 

Attend all required trainings. Trainings will be scheduled between April and June. All trainings must be completed prior to the start of the summer season (See Training Schedule for dates and times).

In addition, all STVP participants will participate in at least one all Summer Day Camp branch training, to be conducted jointly with all Summer Day Camp staff for the purpose of establishing relationships with all STVP participants, counselors and day camp leadership structure. STVP 2s will be invited to the Association Day Camp Training.*

*Branch and Association training are highly recommended but attending both is not required to participate in STVP.

Youth and Government Other

What is Youth and Government? 

This non-partisan eight-month program is designed to give teens a "hands-on" experience running a model state legislature. Youth and Government provides teens the opportunity to become civically engaged in an environment that is not only educational but exciting and fun!

Teens may run for elected positions as state officers, take on the role of a legislator, work as a reporter, or push to pass laws as a lobbyist. Investigate, research, write bills, debate important issues facing our state/nation, and pass mock laws. Learn and practice leadership skills, meet state and local officials and become familiar with state government in a fun and exciting way!

Grades 7-12

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Kitsap Mock Trial Team

Youth Leadership Development Club Other

Youth Leadership Development Club is a weekly leadership club that provides teens the resources to develop their leadership skills in an open and fun environment that inspires learning, discovery, and personal growth.

Grades 7-12

Program offered at:

Youth Leadership Development Conference Other

Participants have the opportunity to meet new friends and participate in small group activities and discussions while learning new perspectives about themselves and the world around them.

This year's conference is a four-day, three-night experience for teens in grades 7-12 who are involved in leadership programs in YMCAs throughout British Columbia, Canada and Washington state. This conference is held at YMCA Camp Elphinstone on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia.

Youth Leadership Development Conference is packed from start to finish from the day you walk into camp. The core program is based on a carefully crafted themed manual of activities that each family group facilitator uses to encourage the kind of discussion that leads to friendship, trust and self discovery.

The standard YLD events include a fun dance, campfire, a themed dinner, large group games, new friends and much more.


Grades: 7-12
Dates: May 15-18, 2020
Location: British Columbia, Canada
Pre-meetings are highly encouraged prior to leaving for the conference
First pre-meeting: March 16, 2020, 7-8pm
Location: Morgan Family YMCA

Contact: Don Brevik at 253-460-8822