Cardio group exercise classes focus on strengthening your heart and muscles, burning calories, and having fun in a friendly, welcoming environment.

Ballroom Dancing Drop-in Class

Stay active and have fun learning the Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Swing, Cha-Cha and more. No partner required.
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BANG® Power Dance Drop-in Class

This mixed fitness class combines HIIT training and some serious attitude. It is a unique fusion of boxing, cardio, HIIT, hip-hop, world dance, and body weight training. Jump start your workout with a “BANG”!
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Belly Dancing Drop-in Class

Sway, shimmy, and sweat in this core-intensive introduction to Belly Dance! This class is designed to build strength, balance, flexibility, endurance, muscular control, and whole body awareness through basic belly dance movements. 

BodyShred Drop-in Class

Using your own body weight and light hand weights, attain a high-intensity 30 minute whole body workout.

Cardio Dance Drop-in Class

Cardio Kickbox Drop-in Class

Get in fighting shape with this cardiovascular conditioning class!  Use proper technique and form through punches, kicks, jabs, takedowns, and roundhouses to torch calories and sculpt muscles.  
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Cardio Step Drop-in Class

Step to a high-energy workout for all fitness levels. Please arrive a few minutes early to discuss bench height and basic steps with instructor.

COMMIT Dance Fitness Drop-in Class

Sweat it out to a vast variety of music genres and dance styles to ensure you receive the most high calorie burning, core strengthening, physique to toning and shaping experience.

Hula Drop-in Class

Learn the basics of hula and the Hawaiian culture.

INSANITY® Drop-in Class

Sculpt and tone muscles in this cardio-based, total-body conditioning program that includes plyometric drills, strength intervals, power, and resistance moves.
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Journey to 5K Registration Required

This program is designed to get just about anyone from the couch to completing a 5K or running 30 minutes at their own pace in just 9 weeks! Journey to 5K starts off by alternating between walking and running small distances then slowly building up over the course of 9 weeks.
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Lazyman Ironman Registration Required

Can you do an Ironman? Yes, you can – Lazy Man style! Challenge yourself to complete an Ironman competition over six weeks:

  • Swim 2.4 miles
  • Bike 112 miles
  • Run 26.22 miles

Earn your miles any way you want – group exercise classes, water fitness classes, small group training, or on your own. Get active and get your miles!

Participants track their progress and conduct weekly check-ins at their branch to finish the equivalent of an Ironman event.

Fee includes welcome packet, weekly check-ins, and T-shirt.

MIXXEDFIT® Drop-in Class

Combine explosive dancing and boot camp toning for a fun and effective workout.

Nia® Drop-in Class

A non-impact physical conditioning program that combines martial arts and dance arts in a workout set to music.
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Parkinson's Management | Rock Steady Boxing® Drop-in Class

Currently, Living with Parkinson’s?

Rock Steady Boxing uses vigorous exercise emphasizing muscle movement, balance, core strength, and rhythm to reduce the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

This program was first introduced in 2006 by the youngest onset patient. As he continued to work on a personal regimen with a boxing trainer, he noticed significant improvements in strength and agility which reduced his Parkinson’s symptoms.

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Salsa Drop-in Class

Basic salsa dancing skills class. learn common terms and steps. No partner required.

Step Circuit Drop-in Class


Y Drums Drop-in Class

Experience dynamic movements of aerobic dance with the rhythms of the drum!

Y Runners Drop-in Class

Explore the streets and create relationships with others who enjoy running for short-to-medium distanced runs.

Zumba® Drop-in Class

Move to the music in this Latin-inspired dance aerobic workout fueled by international music.