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Camp Gaga Ball

In Games and Activities Camps, campers stay active while learning teamwork, cooperation, and sportsmanship through exciting camp games.

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Adventure Games Registration Required

Play a variety of fun and challenging games and go on outdoor adventures including scavenger hunts!

Amazing Race Ages 6-12 | Registration Required

This challenge based camp will include a weeklong competition among campers. The activities will give each camper an opportunity to be the hero of their team. Different world cultures will be highlighted through activities.

Backyard Tournaments Camp Ages 6-12 | Registration Required

Ever wanted to be king of the block? Well come on and try your best. Campers compete in everything from Cornhole to stick/whiffle ball to triple toss. It is a tournament so brackets and bragging rights are included.
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Camp Games Ages 6-12 | Registration Required

Every camper’s favorite time of the day. Campers will enjoy schoolyard games that include; Kickball, Whiffle Ball, Wall ball, Four Square, Ultimate Frisbee, and much more!

Camps Greatest Hits Camp Ages 6-12 | Registration Required

What were your favorite games from the summer or past summers? This camp is guided with help from our campers to help determine and play the best games camp has to offer!
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Champion Games Camp Ages 6-12 | Registration Required

Be that last person standing in these ultimate competitions. Dodgeball, Newcomb, Elimination will test your champion skills this week.
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Hogwarts Camp Registration Required

Are you a quidditch champion? If you're not, come to camp to learn how to create spells and make potions that will get you there!
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Medieval Games Camp Ages 6-12 | Registration Required

Ever wonder what knights, Queens, and Princes did for fun? Come find out and play in our medieval games! Pool noodle jousting, fair games and much more.
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Monsters Camp Ages 6-12 | Registration Required

Your favorite monsters come to life! Wrap your friends up as toilet paper mummy, don't get eaten during zombie tag, create your own monster story, do the monster mash dance off!
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Murder Mystery Camp Registration Required

Do you know who done it? Come and take part in the fun as we go through different scenarios each day to find out who committed the crime during murder mystery week.
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Nerf Camp Ages 6-12 | Registration Required

Get ready for the ultimate Nerf battle here in Nerf Camp. Everyday is full of fun Nerf games and tatical training with obstacles and an ever changing arena. Campers will have fun with this high energy ultimate Nerf Camp.
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Ninja Warrior Camp Ages 6-12 | Registration Required

Learn how to live and train like a real ninja! Campers will go through a series of obstacle courses to practice their stealth ninja skills in a safe environment. Gain confidence, improve coordination, and increase strength in this fun and energetic ninja camp where kids move through challenge courses in the most stylish way.

Olympic Games Camp Ages 6-12 | Registration Required

Campers will be placed into country teams and will complete challenges throughout the week. Ultimate teamwork and pride will be the key to success!

Pirates 101 Camp Ages 6-12 | Registration Required

Swashbuckle with the best of them! Come to camp to learn what it takes to be the best pirate on the sound! Finding buried treasure, water fights, and building your own pirate ship are all part of this week at camp!

Pokémon Camp Ages 6-12 | Registration Required

So you want to be a Pokémon master? Come to camp and learn to be a Pokémon trainer by building decks, battling, and strategizing. Camper I choose you!

Puzzle Master Camp Ages 6-12 | Registration Required

Escape room one day, ultimate camp clue the next, riddle scavenger hunt, and complete puzzles to gather clues and solve a mystery at the end of the week.
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Safari Explorers Camp Ages 6-12 | Registration Required

Go on a jungle adventure without ever leaving camp! Campers will get to make their own safari gear, go on a search for illusive jungle creatures, and even learn a little bit along the way.
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Star Wars Camp Ages 6-12 | Registration Required

Campers will spend a week learning how to use the Force by participating in Star Wars themed games, activities, and arts & crafts.

Super Hero Training Academy Ages 6-12 | Registration Required

Develop a super power, catch phrase, and hone skills through daily super hero skills challenges and activity courses.

Survivor Challenges Camp Ages 6-12 | Registration Required

Campers will be placed into teams and compete in daily teamwork challenges all week to determine the ultimate survivor.
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Ultimate Games Camp Ages 6-12 | Registration Required

Try out games like frisbee, dodgeball, double dutch, and more in ultimate fashion!
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