Adult Sports

Adult Sports

No registration is required for adult sports, except for Martial Arts and Tennis. Learn more about the registration process.

View the  Main Gym schedule to see when sports are available for drop-in.

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Join us for Noon Ball - drop-in basketball games - for friendly competition in a supportive environment every Monday and Thursday.

There are also drop-in lunchtime games Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

Group sports and recreation are fun and make for a healthier lifestyle.


Futsol is played between two teams of five players each, one of whom is the goalkeeper. Unlike other forms of indoor soccer, it is played on our gym and the court is determined by lines. Walls are not in play. It is played with a smaller ball with less bounce than a regular soccer ball because of the surface.

Drop-In games are available once a week.

Wednesday | 8-10pm

Martial Arts

Aikido: This unique system of combat includes punching, striking, kicking, and focuses on controlling an attacker through locks and throws, and control techniques to guide his or her energy.

Tai Chi: Generates and circulates vital energy around the body by following certain principles of movement, posture and breathing. 

Tae Kwon Do: A Korean art using hands and feet as a means of practical self-defense is recognized as the national sport of Korea as well as an Olympic sport.


Come play a drop-in game utilizing serving, lobbing, overhead and volley shots, in a competitive yet fun atmosphere.

Sunday | 9am-12pm
Monday | 7-10pm
Wednesday | 6-7:30am


Join us at lunchtime for a drop-in volleyball match for friendly competition in a supportive environment. Players are encouraged to have played before and have a working knowledge of the rules of indoor 6s. 

Monday/Friday | 12-2pm

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